Pakistan, A Nation Abandoning Morality

Mumtaz Qadri, has become a national hero in Pakistan. The former security guard who supposedly was protecting Governor Salman Taseer. turned his gun on the man who had been elected by the people of Punjab and boasted he acted in the name of God. In most civilized nations, this act would elicit shock, but in Pakistan, killing a man who upheld the ideals of religious freedom is a sure way to become hero of the day. The assassin has been showered with rose petals and his home has become a shrine for those whose hearts are filled with hate toward anyone who does not agree with their interpretation of the Muslim religion. A seminary student hailed the killer: “Mumtaz Qadri sacrificed himself to protect the sanctity of our prophet,and every one of us here is ready to do the same thing.” Thousands agreed with this view because all too many Pakistanis lack respect for the religious views of those who are not Muslim.

A TV show was unable to find guests to appear who were upset at the murder. Only those who hailed the murderer were ready to publicly express a viewpoint. Haider Abbas, an official of the secular Muttahida Qaumi Movement party which dominates Karachi, put it bluntly: “the silence of the so-called liberal establishment is criminal.” No one would show up to talk on the show.