Pakistan-Afghanistan–What Is Going On?

Asif Ali Zardari was sworn in as president of Pakistan and alongside him as the only foreign representative to attend the ceremony was a man who supposedly did not like Pakistan– President Karzai of Afghanistan. The presence of Karzai, who has repeatedly accused Pakistan of aiding his enemy, the Taliban, was apparently an effort by Zardari to signal his nation’s new stance of seeking to destroy the Taliban which was created by Pakistan’s Intelligence service. “Pakistan and Afghanistan are like twins conjoined. They are inseparable and that is why both are suffering from the same troubles,” said Karzai. The new president of Pakistan promised to take an aggressive approach to dealing with the Taliban and al-Qaeda whose forces control areas both of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Zardari has several problems in trying to be assertive toward terrorists. His own armed forces are divided and many are openly sympathetic with the Taliban. His nation needs the focus to be on economic development, not on fighting anyone, let alone terrorists.