Pakistan Aids Afghan Terrorists

After ten years of fighting in Afghanistan it comes as no surprise that the Pakistan ISI had a hand in aiding terrorists who literally took over Kabul for a few hours. The ISI created the Taliban in the 1990s and had been its main supporter even though Americans are dying at the hands of this group. US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter exploded in anger at this week’s attack in Kabul by those belonging to the Haqqani network. “There is evidence linking the Haqqani network  to the Pakistan government. This is something that must stop.”

Even as he spoke, General Kayani, head of the Pakistan army made clear his forces would not attack the stronghold of the Haqqani in North Waziristan. He insisted the Pakistan government had the right to “formulate policy in accordance with the national interests and wishes of the Pakistani people.” Welcome to war in Afghanistan, year 2011, where our allies are our enemies!