Pakistan Allies Become Terrorists

The delegation of Pakistan military officials boarded the plane in Islamabad and headed for the US. It was a long flight and they had to change planes a few times. The eight officers got on a plane in Washington D.C. and chatted while waiting for the plane to depart the airport. One of them sighed a fatigued “I hope this is the final plane to the destination.” As any decent God fearing American knows, such comments could only mean one thing–this was a group of terrorists and their final destination was undoubtedly in Heaven where virgins awaited their coming in order to provide pleasure.A passenger hurriedly informed flight attendants of the presence of terrorists bent on blowing up the plane. Airport security soon arrived on the scene and placed the dangerous Pakistan military personnel under arrest. Let me get this straight– terrorists dress in the uniform of Pakistan officers in order to disguise their real intent. I assume this means US security is greatly concerned about Pakistan members of the military.

Obviously, Pakistan officials back home told the officers to get the hell out of the US and return home. Of course, in defense of American officials, all Muslims look alike so how can they be faulted for seizing members of the Pakistan military.

The moral of this tale is Never, Never say to anyone on a plane, “Gee, I will be so glad to get the hell off this plane!”