Pakistan Ambassador Kidnapped By Taliban

It appears that Pakistan’s ambasador to Afghanistan has been a c aptive of the Taliban for neaerly two months according to a new video released today. Ambassador Tariq Azizzuddin is shown sitting on the ground amid green brush in front of three masked men wearing traditional robes and holding automatic weapons. The ambassador tells the viewing audience: “For 27 days we have lived comfortably… They take care of us and they respect us.” This is the first word about the ambassador who disappeared on February 11 while near the volatile Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Pakistan’s government said they were studying the footage but refused to comment on whether any ransom demands had been made by the Taliban in regard to the release of the ambassador. Pakistani authorities said he disappeared while on his way to Kabul. Pakistani Taliban militants denied having anything to do with the kidnapping.

Perhaps, someone in the Pakistan government can explain why one of their diplomats was driving to Kabul through some of the most volatile areas of the world. It just doesn’t make any sense.