Pakistan And India Charge One Another With Delay

India and Pakistan are like two boxers circling one another seeking to uncover a soft spot on which to land a verbal punch. Tension between the nuclear armed rivals has been rising since terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, insisted his nation’s investigation was being hampered by the refusal of Indian authorities to provide information while India retorts terrorists came from Pakistan where they received training and equipment from Pakistan military officials. Qureshi said Pakistan wanted creation of a joint commission and launching a joint investigation into the Mumbai attacks, “in an earnest effort to move forward in an area which equally concerns both Pakistan and India.”

However, Hafeez Muhammad Saeed, founder of the terrorist Jamaat-ud-Daawa has only been placed under house arrest even though it is clear the terrorists came from that organization. A few years ago Pakistan was hailing the terrorist organization for assisting in earthquake relief, but now is uncertain how to handle a group that was begun by the Pakistan secret service, ISI, and now is on the list of terrorist organizations. Pakistan has made some effort to arrest members of the group, but until they are placed on trial and convicted and sent to jail, India will not be satisfied.