Pakistan Army Continues Attacks In Northwest Area

After years of inactivity and refusal to confront the Taliban, the Pakistan army apparently is engaged in serious efforts to drive out militants who have disrupted life in their nation. Security forces claimed to have killed 56 militants although any casualty figures can never be verified due to refusal to allow journalists into area where there is fighting. The operation is directed at any insurgents who fled fighting in the Swat valley where Pakistan army forces drove the Taliban from an area they had terrorized. Pakistan’s military claims to have killed about 1,700 members of the Taliban since they began operations in the Swat Valley.

The success of failure of the Pakistan operation will not be known for months or even years. Will the army be able to restore a secular government in the Swat valley? Will it ensure inhabitants of the region they will be protected from Taliban revenge? Will the two million refugees be able to restart their lives in safety? It is the answer to these questions which determine the success of failure of current anti-Taliban operations.