Pakistan Army Continues On Offense

Once upon a time a group of pleasant deer decided to tell the wolves of their desire for friendship and offered them free reign to control a major part of the forest and kill small animals for their food. Of course, the wolves became tired of eating squirrels when there were so many juicy looking deer walking around without any defenses. It didn’t take long before the deer noticed some of them were slowly disappearing as the wolves lit up fires to cook their food. Finally, a meeting of the deers decided to hire some tigers to get rid of the wolves and everyone lived happily ever after.

The Pakistan army has decided they can not lie down in peace with the Taliban wolves and have gone on the offense. American general David Petraeus says Pakistan military and civilian leaders have “demonstrated considerable resolve in the past several weeks” and are driving the Taliban out of major areas where they were attempting to install sharia law. It took a long time, but Pakistan’s military, civilian and clerics finally wised up the goal of the Taliban was to install their ideas in every aspect of society.