Pakistan Army In Slow Motion

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visited Pakistan in order to discuss military operations with Pakistan army leaders. He was informed by General Athar Abbas that his army had to get ready for another offense and it would require at least six months before the soldiers get rolling again into battle. However, he did reassure Gates and the media, “we are not talking years,” just a few months. Unless this writer is mistaken, the theory behind the American surge in Afghanistan was predicated on the assumption that as American and NATO forces pushed in Afghanistan, the Pakistan army would exert pressure in order to prevent Taliban and al-Qaeda forces from fleeing to safety across the border. Gates told the media, “we have to do things in a way that is tolerable to them and at a pace they can accommodate.

Oh well, the best laid plans of men and mice can go astray. Are we to assume American soldiers will initiate a surge even though the border to Pakistan is open to the Taliban?