Pakistan Army On March Against Taliban

The Pakistan army is finally aware of the importance of dealing with military force towards the Taliban instead of rewarding their brutality with kind words. Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has been allowed to rule South Waziristan with impunity and enforce sharia law on its inhabitants, but he shortly will have to deal with an angry Pakistan army which is determined to end his power in the area. General Athar Abbas made clear, “the government has taken a principled decision to launch a military operation against Baitullah and his network. The Peachar Valley has already been cleared of militants and the Pakistan government is slowly placing its officials back in power in areas where the Taliban was allowed to reign supreme.

Ironically, the Pakistan armed forces which created the Taliban in the 1990s is now preparing to engage in war against its former proteges. Creating forces of hate and violence in order to gain power invariably results in the creation of a Frankenstein monster.