Pakistan Army Packs Wallop

It is sometimes confusing discussing any aspect of the relationship between the government of Pakistan and the army in that country. In theory, an army obeys the government, but when it comes to issues of who is in charge of the country, the Paki army wants to make certain its government understands that it also packs a wallop. An army statement condemned a supposed memo written by the Pakistan Ambassador to the United States which allegedly asked for aid from the American government to handle the armed forces.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani supposedly expressed concern regarding the desire of his own army to engage in military action against the Taliban(the ISI created the Taliban). General Ashfaq Kayani responded “this has very serious ramifications with potentially grievous consequences for the country.” I assume this means, “watch out you government officials, we might take over power!”

So, what’s new in Pakistan?