Pakistan Army Warns Government

Among the mysteries of our times is whether the Pakistan army knows who is their nation’s enemy. The continued support by the Pakistani ISI secret service for the Taliban has made it virtually impossible to attain peace in Afghanistan. However, the army is increasingly concerned about its own government which itself is confused as to how Pakistan should deal with the Taliban. General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, head of the armed force warned that “any effort which wittingly or unwittingly draws a wedge between the people and the armed forces of Pakistan undermines the larger general interest.”

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ruled that the government launch legal action against Army leaders on ground they have been involved in supporting politicians. It appears the Court is attempting to impose the supremacy of the legal system over the armed forces.

Perhaps, the armed forces feel threatened by political leaders and the court system which might institute legal action that would send army officers to jail. Turkey has pursued such policies toward its armed forces and the era of military officers determining Turkish policies is over. Will a similar result emerge in Pakistan?