Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants!

The ISI is Pakistan’s top spy agency and thus works in a close alliance with American spy organizations like the CIA or FBI. At least, that is what any sane or logical mind would conclude. Alas, when discussing the ISI one must be clear its goal is to create spies and hamper the arrest of terrorists who attack Americans. The Inter-Services Intelligence agency arrested five Pakistanis who HELPED the CIA kill Osama bin Laden. Naturally, the Pakistan government denies anyone was arrested although it did admit a few civilians were “detained.” At a recent meeting between the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee, Michael Morell, when asked by congressmen how he would rank ISI cooperation on a scale of, one to ten, replied, “three.” Frankly, I suspect that was a tad mighty generous, one might be closer to reality. As of this date, the ISI has not told the CIA why they arrested informants nor will they disclose what will happen to Pakistanis who assist the US to capture terrorists.

Naturally, the Pakistan government and US officials now insist things are great, the ISI is dying to cooperate with the CIA and, in fact, it is more than willing to pass on to al-Qaeda and the Taliban any information obtained from American spy agencies. OH, Leon Panetta, new head of the CIA showed the ISI pictures of bomb making factories and within two days the bomb makers had fled.