Pakistan Asks US To Halt Air Attacks

General Petraeus met with top Pakistani military leaders who urged an end to American missile attacks on their soil. A source told the Pakistan Daily Times, “Pakistani leaders told General Petraeus it is not possible to ask our people to support the war on terror when our sovereignty is violated every day.” President Zardari reportedly warned the American general that missile strikes were “counterproductive” and “difficult to explain by a democratically elected” government. He emphasized the missile strikes were “creating a credibility gap” for the Pakistan government.

There are no indications General Petraeus did anything to soothe the anger and feelings of Pakistani leaders. He made no guarantees there would be a cease and desist of drone attacks on Pakistan. The Bush administration justified war on Iraq on the grounds that Saddam Hussein was planning terror action against the United States. However, he sees nothing wrong with the United States carrying out terror attacks on Pakistan. It is a sad day both for America and Pakistan.