Pakistan At War With Itself

Pakistan’s army has been on guard for half a century to deter an attack from India on its eastern border and thus has failed to recognize their main enemy is not to the east, but within its own borders. For the third day in a row, bands of militants attacked Pakistan security sites including a commando facility and police stations in an attempt to demonstrate they did not fear the Pakistan security forces and would strike whenever and wherever they desired. Interior Minister Rehman Malik argued, “the enemy has started a guerrilla war.” Of course, it has due to Pakistan’s focus on the possible war with India rather than on the war within their nation that is being conducted by al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Until Pakistan abandons its focus on the east and concentrates its energy on the Taliban and al-Qaeda within there will be more attacks, more suicide bombers and more deaths.

  • sumaira

    Pakistan is in state of war, an undeclared war but the nation knows that war is going on. The Pakistan Govt is dead serious on eliminating the menace of terrorism. The Pakistan government has made an ultimate decision to eliminate the Taliban leadership and proceed against Islamist terrorism with determination.

    Pakistan is no where near being a failed state or not going to collapse overnight. The Army is patriotic and strong, it will cleanse the Waziristan’s from the terrorists inch by inch. Sure, we can’t blame everything on outsiders. However I have full confidence this country has the potential to turn around and it will.

    Now it is time for us to stand united against these handful extremists that want to make nation hostage. These are responsible for murder of innocent students of universities, closure of schools, bombing at mosques and suicidal attacks at public places leaving hundreds of people dead

    Now it is time, nation must be educated about the inhumanity and barbarity of terrorists including the suicide bombers .These heartless merchants of death and destruction find a divided society an easy prey to their heinous crimes .To unite the nation behind the historic effort to root out extremism from the body politic of Pakistan I am suggesting a crash program of mass education and enlightenment.