Pakistan Changes ISI Leadership

The chief of the Pakistan armed forces,General Kayani, took a step which is designed to get American and other foreign leaders off his back. He appointed General Ahmed Shuja Pasha to head the Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) which most resembles the American CIA in its secretiveness. The ISI was the organization which initially created the Taliban and has supplied it for years, even after it was driven from Afghanistan by US and coalition forces. The move is designed to show the United States that Pakistan is prepared to take on all terrorists, even those of its own making. The appointment of Shuja is most probably aimed at the Pakistan army since it lets everyone know top leadership is prepared to take action against anyone who aids the enemy.

The United States undoubtedly has become tired and irked by continued Pakistan aid to the Taliban who are killing American soldiers. Eventually, the move hopes to create a new coalition of tribal groups in northwest regions which would be capable of driving the Taliban and al-Qaeda from the scene.