Pakistan Conflict With Armed Forces

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani  is fighting for his life and power in the country due to efforts by the military leaders to  end his government. Gilani  offered a blunt choice to his parliament, choose between “democracy and dictatorship.” Rumors a of a possible army overthrow of the government are circulating due to fury on the part of generals that Gilani asked for assistance from the US in order to curb army power.

An anonymous memo sent to the US government–most probably by Pakistan’s Ambassador–asked for US aid to rein in Pakistan’s generals who were working with the Taliban and sabotaging  efforts to end the civil war in Afghanistan. Of course, the generals might think twice about taking over a government which rules a nation suffering from economic collapse.

Hovering in the background are corruption charges against President Zaardari.  There is scant good news in Pakistan these days.