Pakistan Democracy?

An electiion was held in Pakistan. OK, some people died, but there was an election and the man who received the most votes did win. OK, so maybe he received some votes that  he did not really gain, but the election proceeded to a  logical conclusion. Imran Khan, whose new party secured 30 seats accepts the triumph of Nawaz Sharif even though there was evidence of voter fraud. Khan did make clear his party would issue a formal complaint about vote rigging, but it is clear that Sharif did obtain a majority of the votes.

What is the end result of this election? Nawaz Sharif is now the prime minister. He can do something. Of course, the question is what will he do. Frankly, if Jesus Christ himself got elected there would still be chaos in Pakistan and violence would continue. No candidate offered a plan, no candidate has a clue to end violence. Four more years of death and destruction and continued poverty.