Pakistan Election

The good news  from Pakistan is they had an election. The bad news from Pakistan is they had an election. Nawaz Sharif, head of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Party won about 11 seats which should qualify them to head a government once final totals are in. Mr.Sharif  once was the prime minister of the country and he should once again assume that position. Of course, it is simply a matter of time before he is asked to leave that position and take a holiday trip to some nice western country. Glamor boy Imran Khan won about 35 seats and he should  have the power to do something in Parliament.

OK, so a dozen or so are dead, heck in the US that is simply the number who die when someone enters a movie theater. OK, the armed forces WILL allow Mr. Sharif to become head of the government. There was an election. The problem is that no party in Pakistan  has the slightest interest or any ideas to get the economy moving. Now, when it comes to dealing with major problems like blasphemy, there are many leaders who are ready to take action.