Pakistan Getting Tough About Indian Demands

There is scant doubt the Mumbai murderers came from Pakistan and there is little doubt, at some point in the training of such men, the Pakistan ISI played some role. India and Pakistan have been enemies for over half a century and the level of mistrust is deeply embedded in both leaders of political life and those in charge of the military. India is demanding that Pakistan turn over to them 20 individuals believed to be involved in terrorist activities. Pakistan leaders so far refer to India’s “unsubstantiated allegations made in haste” But, Pakistan government officials intend to hide behind “national interests” and the invariable need to “defend its honor and dignity” as a nation.

Both nations possess atomic weapons and military leaders who can allow nationalism to take precedence over common sense. It pays Pakistan to cooperate fully with India’s requests for terrorists since someone who commits violence in India is just as likely to do so in Pakistan.