Pakistan Government Divided Over War On Terrorism

The political leadership of Pakistan is sharply divided over how to proceed in the war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. A special session of parliament which was called to discuss terrorism has resulted in angry cries from some members to end the alliance with the United States and seek to form a new coalition with Taliban forces. The religious Jamiat I-Islam party demanded that Taliban leaders be allowed to address parliament since members of Pakistan’s armed forces had given a presentation. There are numerous reports that Pakistan is so divided over how to conduct relations with Islamic militants that it might result in the collapse of the government.

The Pakistan economy is witnessing a soaring inflation rate and lack of funding for education is forcing many poor people to send their children to the Islamic fundamentalist madrassa schools which in many cases support the Taliban or al-Qaeda.

The only good news comes from some tribes in the northwest region which have grown angry at al-Qaeda and are organizing to fight it. However, recent stories from Saudi and British sources concerning discussions between Afghanistan and Taliban leaders have infuriated Pakistanis. They have continually been told by the United States they should avoid having relations with the Taliban, but Saudi Arabia is hosting such talks.