Pakistan Is To Blame Says India Prime Minister!

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presented some blunt comments to the government of Pakistan by refusing to mince words when he said its government must have had a role in the Mumbai terrorist attack by training those who carried out the operation. Although he stopped short of saying the prime minister of Pakistan either planned or knew about the attack, it was clear the patience of the Indian government has run out and it wants action on the part of Pakistan to halt further terror attacks in India. On Monday, the Indian government presented to Pakistan a dossier of evidence which proved that Lashkr-e-Toiba militants most probably received training and arms from some branch of the Pakistan military. “There is enough evidence(in the dossier) to sow that, given the sophistication and military precision of the attack, it must have hd the support of some official agencies in Pakistan.”

Although no agency was mentioned it was clear the prime minister was referring to Pakistan’s controversial secret service, the ISI which originally organized the Taliban and has worked with other terrorist groups in order to foster hate and violence toward India.

Naturally, Pakistan insists India is jumping the gun and making charges before the investigation is finished. The problem is no agency exists in Pakistan which could conduct an honest investigation of its own secret service.