Pakistan Lawyers Now Denounce President Zardari

During the past year, lawyers in Pakistan have organized themselves into a powerful force that seeks to create the basis of a democratic society. They staged countless demonstrations against the regime of President Musharraf who they believed had violated the Constitution and imposed a one man rule. They undoubtedly played a role in forcing the Musharraf resignation, but now they are upset at President Zardari who took over the high office. Now, lawyers are shouting in the streets, “”What is Pakistan’s new disease” Zardai, Zardari!” They are furious because Zardari does not wish to reinstate supreme court justices who were fired by Musharraf. Zardari has fears an independent judiciary might set about checking his own sordid background. His nickname while his wife, Benazir Bhutto was in office, was “Mr. Ten Percent” referring to his cuts on government contracts.

The streets of Pakistan’c capitol echo with the shouts of lawyers shouting the name of Iftikhar Chaudhry, who was the chief justice fired by Musharraf and who has yet to be restored to office. Frankly, the chief justice is the only one in Pakistan politics who has made clear his desire to end corruption so that money can be used by the nation rather than by the men with out stretched palms.