Pakistan Leader Returns From Holiday To Floods

One would assume that if you are president of a country the least its people can do is allow an occasional vacation to Europe. OK, so there was something like a “flood.” Big deal, there are always floods and if a president could not travel because one happened to be pestering a few million people then when exactly could Mr. Zardari get the hell out of his country and find sanctuary in good London meals? OK, so 14 million people have been displaced due to floods, but what exactly could Zardari do if he remained in Pakistan, help fill sandbags? The media is furious because Zardari left the nation to confront a horrible flood problem while he wandered around Europe seeking money for his election campaign. Several UN bodies claim the scale of the disaster is such that flooding of this level have not been seen in generations. The government places the number of houses destroyed at about 300,000 and at least 1600 people are dead.

OK, Ok, so there is a minor problem. Which comes first, people living in tents or Zardari being compelled to live in a three star hotel? After all, Michelle Obama is in a 7 Star Hotel and there are 14 million unemployed in America. Let us all take a few moments and express our sorrow for President Zardari for being forced to end his wanderings.