Pakistan Military Accused Of India Attack!

Police in India have provided the names of specific members of the Pakistan army who cooperated in planning the deadly attack on Mumbai. Pakistan Colonel R. Sadatullah of the Special Communications Organization (SCO) was named as part of the group that helped plan the attack on one of India’s major cities. Investigators say his email account was used to set up the “voice over internet” system which the attackers used. Police have taped conversations between the attackers and their handlers in which the name “Major General Sahab” repeatedly crops up. A spokesperson for the Pakistan military claims there “are many Colonel Sadatullahs in the Pakistan army.” Now, that is a brilliant defense!

There is no question the Pakistan army helped plan the attack on Mumbai, the real issue is whether the Pakistan government has the power or desire to do anything about it. Perhaps, the first step is to arrest the thousands of Colonel Sadatullahs in the Pakistan army and begin questioning them.

  • Shazil Rajput

    PR. NO. 08
    press release
    Rawalpindi ; March 2, 2009

    A news has been published in section of Indian press to include Times of India linking Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Saadat Ullah to November Mumbai terror attacks on the basis of calls made using voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Saadat Ullah is an employee of Special Communications Organization (SCO).

    SCO is a public sector organization responsible for provision of various communication services to the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Northern Areas (NAs) of Pakistan. In order to provide the dialup and broadband internet services to the general public of AJ&K and NAs, in year 2007 scO became member of Asia Pacific Networks International Center (APNIC) and purchased a chunk of about 4500 Public IP addresses. Being an APNIC requirement, name and contact address of lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Saadat Ullah, who is retired officer was given in the registration I membership forms of APNIC at the time of acquiring these 4500 public IP addresses. The IP address mentioned in the subject news report ( falls in the list of these 4500 public IP addresses purchased by sea to facilitate the subscribers. Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Saadat Ullah is the Project Manager (IT) of SCO. These IP addresses are dynamically allocated to the dialup and DSL user of sCo’s ISP, as per industry standards.

    Indian Press has tried to implicate sCO in the Mumbai Attacks on mere assumption that all these 4500 Public IP addresses are used by sCO and therefore employees of SCO might be involved in the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

    sCO is an internet service provider and if at all one of its IP addresses has been misused by one of its subscribers for VolP communication it does not mean that SCO is involved in it. The report published in the Indian media is totally baseless and unfounded.

    Press Information Department, GoP