Pakistan Military May Be On Red Alert

There are reports from Pakistan media their military may have been placed on a High Alert over reports India may be planning action in response to the Mumbai attacks. Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Pakistan, Kamal Hyder, says all branches of the Pakistan military are on a red alert due to fears of an attack on their nation. Pakistan has been blamed by India and other nations for its failure to crack down on the militant Lashkar-e-Taiba group which most probably planned the attacks on Mumbai. According to Hyder, “The Pakistan air force has been seen visibly in a number of locations flying close to the Pakistani-India border in what is being described as an aggressive patrolling mode following reports that India is planning pre-emptive strikes against locations in Pakistan.”

India’s Foreign Minister Mukherjee has expressed disappointment with failure of Pakistan to crack down on militants and said India would “explore all options” to compel Pakistan to take action. The danger is either nation becomes frightened and does something which leads the other to use military force.