Pakistan Official Unwittingly Reveals Vote Rigging Plan

Pakistan President Musharraf has spoken bluntly against any attempt to claim vote fraud after the upcoming parliamentary elections. He promised vigorous action against any who try denying the legality of whatever is the outcome of the elections. However, through an inadvertent error, Pakistan’s attorney general, Abdul Malik Qayyum, has been captured on tape discussing planned vote fraud. His voice was caught telling a friend about Musharraf plans for victory by his own party. “They will massively rig to get their own people to win. If you can get a ticket from these guys, take it.” The attorney general denied the story claiming, “the conversation is clearly fabricated and cannot be denounced in strong words.”

Human Rights Watch stands by the accuracy of the story. It was made by a journalist who was talking with Qayyum when their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. The opposition Pakistan People’s Party of Benazir Bhutto said it was “profoundly shocked” byt the tape.

Pakistan in the coming weeks may well experience several severe confrontations if the PPP loses the election since currently polls indicate it will receive aroound 50% of the vote. What happens if vote tallies come up with a dramatic reversal?