Pakistan, Our Unknown Ally

If one is a militant who seeks a safe haven from ongoing attacks in Afghanistan carried out by US or NATO forces, the easy thing to do is slip over the border to friendly Pakistan and join your friends. A new report issued from the White House depicts, once again, a Pakistan which is governed by incompetent, corrupt folks whose only rationale for being in power is to accumulate money. The report cites efforts by the Pakistan army to clear insurgents from the Brekhna region which is a stronghold of militants. Over 140,000 troops were deployed for the operation and although they did advance, eventually the attack bogged down.

This failure is one of dozens of such efforts in which large numbers of Pakistan troops are sent to fight the Taliban or al-Qaeda. According to the report, weather, stubborn resistance and the presence of large supplies of weapons and explosives results in fighting an enemy that can match the firepower of attackers. “As such, there remains no clear path toward defeating insurgency in Pakistan despite the unprecedented and sustained deployment of 147,000 forces.” It is clear Pakistan troops can advance, but they lack the means, the will power or skills to maintain their advance. At some point, they head backward.

The government of Pakistan simply lacks leadership to create a modern society. It can not even alter the infamous blasphemy law which resembles a medieval way of thinking. The US sends billions of dollars and receives millions of hating responses from the population.

So, what is the future? More or less?