Pakistan Pledges No Agreement With Militants

The Pakistan government has been under extensive criticism for its failure to crush militants in the northwest region of its county. Prime Minister Youssef Raza Gilani, told visiting US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, his country wants to work to end terrorism in his nation. However, he emphasized, Pakistan is fighting the war on terror in its own interests and the government will never negotiate with terrorists. Gilani said “the government will welcome and initiate political dialogue with those elements who lay down their arms..We will, however, never negotiate with militants or allow foreigners to use our soil against another country.”

Gilani was insistent the war against terrorism could not be won alone by the military but must be accompanied by an extensive economic assistance program in the northwest region. Although, he never clearly mentioned the United States, his statement can be interpreted as a request for economic assistance and a warning against American interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan.