Pakistan Political Parties Debate Boycott Of Elections

The political opposition to President Musharraf has yet to decide on a unified approach to dealing with the upcoming January elections. The All Parties Democratic Movement(APDM) issued a clear statement that it will engage in a boycott unless President Musharraf restores by December 15th the judiciary to its positions of authority. former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has also indicated his willingness to support a boycott unless Musharraf ensures the presence of an honest election and restoration of Pakistan Supreme Court judges to their posts. Sharif expressed his view that “we do not accept him(Musharraf) as a legitimate president. However, Benazir Bhutto, leader of the Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) indicated she might participate in elections if guaranteed they will be fair. She believes the issue of the judiciary should be handled apart from the electoral process.

It is doubtful if a splintered political opposition will be able to attain the success it might achieve if united, either for a boycott or for participation. A great deal depends on the reality of a fair electoral process, that is something only Musharraf can guarantee. Will he go in that direction is the real issue.

  • nazir ali

    This is absurd that though Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Butto robbed our Pakistan and then still

    our stupid people welcomed them with open arms…Though I agree only with Islamic Law

    (Caliphate/Shariah Law) but in general comparing Musharaf to Banzair and Nawaz Sharif,

    Musharaf is gold because he stayed in his country (Pakistan) and did not go to England and

    made mansions/bungalows etc like the other two (above) did… and he did so much for

    Pakistan i.e got rid off dangerous Mountain Valley drives in NWFP from Kohat to Darra and he

    made motor ways etc etc though he did harm some of our Muslim brothers and sisters so he’s

    good as well as bad but others such as Nawaz Sharif and Benazir and Altaf Hussain and A.A.

    Zardari are nothing but looters… so we should be wise…

    Any ways this was just a thought as our Nabi Karim Muhammad (saw) has ordered us not to go

    against our leaders even if they are bad or there will be chaos…

    However democracy is Shirk anyway because Allah (SWT) has said in Qur’an (translated

    wordings are somewhat like) that any one practices (or believes) laws other than the Law of

    Allah (SWT) is not a Muslim…so believing in democracy/Jamhooriath is kufr…may Allah (SWT)

    guide us all…(A’ameen)