Pakistan Prepares For War-Against Itself?

Pakistan is a nation led by those who refuse to face reality and prefer living in the past. The Pakistan army is convinced there enemy continues to be India and all energy must be focused on dealing with an army with which they have fought wars. While India is experiencing a huge economic expansion and war is the last thing on the mind of its leaders, the Pakistan army plots, prepares for a war that will never occur. This  behavior has led to supporting guerrilla groups  which battle American forces in Aghanistan. Support the Taliban today and  use its forces for the war tomorrow against India is prevailing wisdom.

Pakistan’s generals increasingly are convinced that the United States is their enemy and is working with Indian leaders to crush Pakistan. Many believe the US wants to destroy Pakistan, seize its nuclear weapons and….  This  growing anger  stems from statements from American military leaders that recent attacks on US installations in Afghanistan were planned by the infamous Pakistan secret service, the ISI, in order to support the Haqqani tribal chieftains and make them allies.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is bringing together Pakistan leaders to discuss “the security situation in the wake of threats emanating from outside the country.” In other words,  they are furious at Americans for identifying terrorists who work for the Pakistan government.  There is an underlying assumption that China will replace the US as a source of financial support.

In the end, if Pakistan continues preparing for a war that will never happen, it simply prevents the nation to become an economic power.