Pakistan Reels From Terrorist Attack

Pakistan is still recovering from the latest example of al-Qaeda’s attack which destroyed the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. Evidence suggests the real target of the terrorists was the president and prime minister of Pakistan as well as members of parliament. The 1000 kg explosive has killed at least 60 and wounded hundreds when terrorists set off an explosion that left a 450 foot wide and 15 foot deep crater. Perhaps, lost in this latest act of terror is the reality that al-Qaeda of 2008 is much more powerful than it was in 2001 when it attacked the World Trade Center. George Bush and John McCain continue boasting of a “victory” in Iraq and ignore that explosions in Pakistan are also a result of the Bush invasion of Iraq.

British Airways will cancel flights, the FBI is being asked to aid in the investigation but does the world have any overall strategy of dealing with terrorism other than US boasts of victory. It is important to recognize that “victory” will only arrive when people have meaningful and secure lives.