Pakistan Says Everything OK On Nuclear Front

The Pakistan government has already given the Taliban control of the Swat Valley which only increased the appetite of these fanatics to extend their control even further into the neighboring district with no end in sight to further advances. President Zardari assured the world there was no chance the Taliban would gain control of his nation’s nuclear weapons and promised the army had everything under control. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear the United States could not envision the Taliban in control of nuclear weapons which suggests there might be plans for some type of armed intervention unless Zardari and the Pakistan army show some fight.

The Taliban is within a hundred miles of the capital but Zardari insists there is nothing to fear. He made a deal with the Taliban allowing them to control the Swat Valley in exchange for peace and the only peace that has resulted is the Taliban taking more and more pieces of Pakistan. The unanswered question is where does the Pakistan army stand in this mess?