Pakistan: Sick Society Lacking Leadership

The body of Shahbaz Bhatti was laid to rest in Pakistan as thousands of Christian Pakistanis expressed their grief at the death of a man who fought for human rights. He was killed by Muslim extremists because of Bhatti’s opposition to the nation’s blasphemy law which makes it a crime to insult the Prophet Mohammed. It is not a crime to insult any Christian religious figures because in the sick society of Pakistan only Muslims are guarded against “insults.” A man who was constantly threatened with death rode home without any security guard because he believed those who were his “security guard” were out to kill him. As one protester put it: “these terrorists must be hanged publicly to stop them form committing such brutal crimes.” There is as much chance of that happening as there is for Charlie Sheen to get through a day without speaking nonsense.

The question in the mind of this blogger is: where are Muslim religious leaders in Pakistan? Do they sanction laws which prevent those from other religions from having free speech? If one disagrees with Bhatti, is it justified to kill him? The silence of Muslim clerics in this brutal murder is deafening.