Pakistan Student Arrested For Blasphemy

Muhammad Samiullah was taking exams in several subjects at the school he attended. We have no idea as to which questions were posed on the exam, but he wrote his ideas in accordance with what students should do–honestly express their opinions. A reviewer of the exams contacted police and charged the student with uttering negative remarks about the Prophet Mohammad and filed charges of blasphemy against the student. The frightened boy was taken to police headquarters, undoubtedly questioned and then confessed that he had been “brainwashed” by some visiting cousins from Norway. The police had the boy examined in order to determine if he had brain damage or whether he suffered from delusional ideas. I assume this is what passes for “education” in the nation of Pakistan- students are expected NOT to write what they believe, but prior to expressing any ideas they should check with the blasphemy police.

The shame of Pakistan is that students are now subject to the fear of expressing the “wrong idea” which could lead to execution on grounds of blasphemy. Does anyone in this nation understand the meaning of “academic freedom?”