Pakistan Supports Taliban While Opposing It!

Pakistan is supposedly an ally of the Western world in the fight to end Taliban terrorism and abuse of the rights of women but the Pakistan legislature voted to support the infamous Nizam-e-Adi Regulation for the Swat Valley which, in effect, imposes Taliban sharia rule in the region although the new laws will be in violation of the Pakistan constitution. The National Assembly passed a resolution in favor of the draft regulation. “Yes the president has signed the Nizam-e-Adi Regulation,” said a spokesperson. The National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution recommending the president sign the agreement with the Taliban.

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MOM) is opposed to the agreement. Its leader Chief Altah Hussain says he refuses to accept the Talibanisation of the Swat Valley and institution of sharia law. Of course, the United States will be sending billions to Pakistan leaders who are endorsing the Talibanisation of the Swat Valley and loss of rights by women and those who dare speak openly against the Taliban.