Pakistan Taliban Invite Osama To Vacation In Swat Area

The United States has spent billions to upgrade the Pakistan military in order to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Several weeks ago, the Pakistan government turned over to the Taliban control over the Swat Valley, once regarded as a favorite resort area for Pakistanis. A spokesman for the Taliban told the Associated Press local militants would welcome Osama bin Laden to come to the Swat Valley and enjoy its beauty and firm Islamic rule. “Osama can come her. Sure, he’s like a brother they can stay anywhere they want. We will help them and protect them.” The Pakistan government responded with anger to the idea that Osama bin Laden would be given refuge in its territory. Of course, last week, Pakistan President Zardari signed off on legislation which allows the Taliban to impose sharia law in the Swat region. Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani praised the agreement and said it brought peace to the region.

Isn’t it about time that any money given to Pakistan’s military had to have strings and conditions? The once secular Swat Valley is now a Taliban controlled strict Muslim area. What exactly are we seeking to achieve in Pakistan? Does anyone know?