Pakistan Talks Tough On Dealing WithTaliban

Pakistan President Zardari warned the Talian his nation was prepared to crush the terrorist group and will cooperate with the United States in achieving that goal. “I mean business. We will train ourselves with the US to present as trainers to rase the quality of certain forces.” However, he made clear to the Bush administration that Pakistan makes its own decisions pertaining to dealing with terrorism and will not be bossed around by the United States. He warned against US military incursions into Pakistan. “It is counter-productive and a political price is paid.” Zardari emphasized his belief that al-Qaeda and the Taliban played a role in the death of his wife, Benazir Bhutto.

Zardari said there would be new incentives for dealing with tribal areas such as industrial investment, working with farmers for crops other than poppy, and strong military action.

In the meantime, there are rumors a Saudi initiated peace effort is secretly taking place in Afghanistan.