Pakistan Talks Tough!

No nation in this world is as determined to fight the Taliban than those who lead Pakistan. Its leaders, at the drop of a dollar are prepared to send the army against any and all Taliban or al-Qaeda groups that are still on Pakistan soil. Rana Sanaulah, its war minister sent a stern warning to terrorists that he was prepared to wipe them out. He told them the Pakistan army realizes that it time to “smash” the Taliban into hundreds of pieces. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was even tougher in his words of warning. He made clear to the world, that “without eliminating terrorism and extremism we cannot place Pakistan on a fast track of development.” And, by the way, you terrorists should know that “draconian anti terrorist” stuff in on the way.

For nearly two decades, Pakistan has created terrorist groups such as the Taliban, it protects their leaders, it does absolutely nothing to create a modern secular school system that might actually teach science instead of religious dogma. So, this government is going to do something about destroying the terrorist groups it help create!!