Pakistan-The No Man’s Land

As an American it is difficult for me to note  problems in other nations of the world in which ethnic or racial discord makes for problems for those who are a minority. As someone raised in the Western world it is difficult noting religious strife since our history is marked by over a hundred years of death and destruction between Protestants and Catholics. Pakistan contains  various Muslim sects who prefer anger and discord to coming together as those who believe in the faith of the Prophet. Members of the Hazara ethnic group are confronting what they term to be a genocide program to destroy them as those outside the main stream of the Muslim religion.

During the past several months, 216 Hazaras have been murdered and most than 300 injured as well as destruction of homes and businesses. Many are now contemplating  heading towards Australia even though this entails a dangerous seas voyage. As one person noted, “young Hazara men are trying to go by boat.”

Isn’t it wonderful that in the 21st century we still kill in the name of God those who believe in God.