Pakistan To US–Attack Us–We Will Respond Fire!

Pakistan’s military has been given orders to respond with fire if American forces launch another attack on the ground or in the air that occurs on their soil. The Pakistan government and military do not regard US attacks on militants in tribal areas as accomplishing anything other than increasing insurgent actions. They are also infuriated at the effort of the Bush administration to lay blame for destabilized conditions in Afghanistan on the heads of Pakistan’s military. Army spokesperson, General Athar Abbas said “the orders are clear.” There is no ambiguity anymore as far as Pakistan is concerned, “open fire” on the enemy even if the “enemy” is the United States of America. According to the Pakistan military the September 3 US raid resulted in the death of civilians, not militants although the US claims the attacks led to the death of militants.

President Zardari is currently in London seeking assistance from the British government to curtail US incursions into Pakistan. Perhaps, it is time for the United States to recognize the issue of violence in Afghanistan must be settled in Afghanistan.