Pakistan Trying New Approach To Militants

During the past seven years the United States has been endeavoring to develop strong military programs with President Musharraf of Pakistan in order to crush Taliban and al-Qaida militants. The evidence is overwhelming of the lack of any success in this approach. The new government which is now in power in Pakistan is moving in different directions. Afrasaib Khattak, told the Pakistani Daily Times: “The previous policy(focus on military action) has changed and a holistic approach has been adopted. The new policy is one which the political parties had discussed before coming to power…. it includes negotiations(with militants), administrative and financial measures.”

The Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-N are focusing more on dialogue and negotiations with militants. They believe the Bush-Musharraf emphasis on the military has been a disaster. It failed to win the support of the population and did not work hard enough to gain cooperation from local leaders in the volatile northwest area of Pakistan.

Perhaps, the new political approach will also end disastrously, but it must be tried before returning to use of extensive military action.