Pakistan Upset At Its Allies

One of the joys of being an ally of Pakistan in the war against al-Qaeda or the Taliban is never knowing when to say one is sorry. The ongoing saga of being a friend and supporter of Pakistan by attempting to help it get rid of Taliban militants within its own nation never ceases to produce anger on the part of its military leaders. A recent NATO air strike in Pakistan that resulted in the death of 50 Taliban fighters has produced anger from the government. Where in hell did NATO forces ever get the idea the goal was to kill Taliban or al-Qaeda forces? Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry rightfully condemned the attack as a violation and breach of its borders. There is even threats of war if such air attacks continue. This raises an interesting question. What if NATO went to war against Pakistan? Given the lack of interest on the part of Pakistan’s military in fighting, war with Pakistan might result in more Taliban forces getting killed. They would be caught in the cross fire between NATO and the Pakistan army.

Reality is the Pakistan ISI is an ally of the Taliban– which it created. Let’s just cease trying to kill the Taliban and focus on its handlers– the Pakistan army. Stranger goals have been around in life.