Pakistan Villagers Growing Anger Towards Taliban

Hundreds of Pakistan villagers surrounded Taliban forces in two villages and attempted to destroy them in retaliation for a mosque bombing that killed many people. About 1,500 villagers armed with their own rifles laid siege to several villages known to be Taliban strongholds and at least 200 Taliban soldiers are now surrounded and in threat of being captured by angry Pakistanis who are tired of being abused and humiliated by the Taliban. There is growing dislike of Taliban whippings and clerical courts and taking over villages and demanding supplies. Pakistan Army spokesman, General Abbas urged civilians to consider the cost of helping Taliban forces who are attempting to impose sharia law. If they oppose sharia law, “they have to raise a voice against them, they have to rise up against them.”

All bullies eventually come to confront anger on the part of those who are abused. Most probably most villagers are devout Muslims, but the version of their religion imposed by the Taliban apparently does not fit their definition as to what constitutes a devout Muslim.