Pakistan Violence Strikes At Prime Minister

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani survived an assassination attempt when gun men tried to shoot him while in his car. Meanwhile, the car carrying Lynne Tracy, the key American diplomat in the northwest region, was also fired upon as she drove to her office. There undoubtedly will be further attempts to kill important political figures in the Pakistan government which is confronting new conflict as a result of the collapse of its coalition government. Pakistan prosecutors said they were proceeding with investigating corruption charges against Nawaz Sharif, leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N who made the fatal mistake of quitting the coalition government led by Asif Zardari.

Both Sharif and Zardari have been charged in the past with being guilty of corruption. As part of their agreement with former President Musharraf, the charges were suspended when they returned to Pakistan. Sharif wanted former Supreme Court justices who wee fired by Musharraf to be restored to office, but Zardari refused to do what he had promised. He fears the restored judges would investigate corruption of him so the solution was keeping them out of office.

The real question to ask of Pakistan political leaders is– can they form a government which has men and women who have previously not been charged with corruption?