Pakistan Vote Delayed For Six Weeks

Pakistan’s Election Commission announced a postponement of the scheduled election this month until February 18 despite protests by Benazir Bhutto supporters. Observers expected a vote on January 8 would have resulted in a massive sympathy vote for the fallen leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party. Nawaz Shariff, leader of the PML-N, and an ally of Bhutto, strongly urged continuation of the voting process next week. President Musharraf is expected to address his nation today to discuss the election as well as agree to incorporation of foreign observers in an investigation of the assassination of Ms.Bhutto.

The George Bush grand design for a coalition of Bhutto and Musharraf had already collapsed long before her death. If election results on February 18 result in a victory for Musharraf’s Pakistan Muslim League party, one can expect the nation of Pakistan to erupt in anger such as never before in its history. Bush simply does not grasp the anger toward Musharraf among many Pakistanis.

  • Sunny

    I’m not certain Hillary knows much more than Bush.

  • Jonathon Narvey

    “Bush simply does not grasp the anger toward Musharraf among many Pakistanis.”

    Bush is certainly not the only one. But it doesn’t make sense for foreign governments to try to deal with factions within foreign governments. You can only deal with the actual people in charge. Sadly, Musharraf has held all the cards for a long while.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Your point is very valid. However, America could have crushed the Taliban before they ever got back to Pakistan. America could have exerted pressure on Saudi Arabia to cease funding religious schools in Pakistan which preach hate and violence. America could have responded to the 2001 Iranian offers of reconciliation since it would have provided us an ally which hated both the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Crushing the Taliban and al-Qaeda would have reduced pressure on Musharraf.