Pakistan Wants US To Pack It In

The United States of America and the disunited states of Pakistan continue to have differing views regarding what is reality or it could be neither has a sense of reality.Pakistan’s military issued a strong denial of the US military version regarding what occurred last  month when 24 Pakistan soldiers died due to fire from AC-130  gunships. American planes flew into Pakistan territory in order to carry out the attack. American military sources insist the incident arose from a chain of errors, delays and differing protocols between US and NATO troops that prevented identification of Pakistan troops.

Of course, the US military also blamed Pakistan military headquarters for failing to make clear the posts were manned by their troops. What is reality? There is no question of complicity on the part of the Pakistan ISI in working with Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan regards Afghanistan as falling into its sphere of influence and America says it has a righ to decide for itself internal policy. Hovering in the background for Pakistan is the spectre of large investments by India in Afghanistan.

Until Pakistan and India reach an agreement to end their ongoing conflict, there will be turmoil in  Afghanistan.