Pakistan Wants What It Cannot Have

The government of Pakistan still believes the critical issue of their nation’s  existence lies to the  east  in India. Most soldiers face toward an enemy that has no interest in war with Pakistan. To the west lies Afghanistan and militants seekking to overthrow the government. The Pakistan Taliban and the Pakistan al-Qaeda  continue attacking civilian, militatary and government entities in order to destabilize the country. The Pakistan government wants to  end these attacks, but it really does not.

Another US drone attack this week killed three suspected “militants” in Pakistan. Most probably those killed were not only fighting in Afghanistan  but in Pakistan. But, the Pakistan armed forces wants to have a strong Taliban in place once US and NATO forces leave Afghanistan because there is fear that India will come in and  take over the government.

So, the fight with the US continues.  The Pakistan government responded to the drone attack. “The government of Pakistan has consistently mantained that drone attacks  are  violative of  its territory and integrity.” So, kill militants who kill our soldiers but do not kill them in Pakistan.