Pakistan Wars With Afghanistan

During the past few months there has been an upsurge in fighting between Pakistan’s military and Afghan villagers. Hundreds of rockets were fired from Pakistan into its neighbor in an attempt, to curb influx of militants into their nation. Hundreds of militants from Afghanistan apparently attacked local villages where they were met by militia which beat them back. The interesting aspect of this incident was the ability of militia groups in Pakistan to confront militants, engage them in battle and triumph. Perhaps, this offers a new approach to wars in Afghanistan. If local villagers can handle the Taliban, is suggests that is the best solution to how to conclude the war in Afghanistan. Arms and equipment provided to village militia might allow American and NATO forces to withdraw from the scene of battle. In the end, all guerrilla wars best conclude when people who are effected come together and handle conflict rather than place the burden on shoulders of foreign troops.

The people of Afghanistan are ultimately the ones who will have to defend themselves. Arming local war lords raises problems, but using foreign troops also raises problems. We suggest, at least for the immediate future, arming local militia on the assumption they will fight much harder than members of the Afghan army. They will defend their land against all who threaten them, and that includes the Taliban.