Pakistan: Will It Remain A Nation?

The history of the nation of Pakistan is one in which each blunder is followed by another blunder. Instead of remaining part of India and attempting to forget a nation in which two religions work together, its leaders opted for independence. It subsequently fought three wars with India which were lost as well as witnessing the loss of what eventually became Bangladesh. Pakistan has well educated people, many of whom eventually lose hope and migrate elsewhere in order to find economic success. The Pakistan military is more concerned over the next war with India than confronting religious fundamentalists whose dream is a nation ruled by the religious right. The military absorbs a large percentage of the national budget leaving too little for economic development, let alone a modern school system. In the meantime, religious groups dominate education and produce a generation which could read the Koran, but lack academic skills leading to a modern society.

The death of Osama bin Laden in side Pakistan humiliated the military. The Pakistan army refuses to fight militants, it prefers building more atomic bombs for a war that can never be fought. The government fears the military and the military fears the US more than it does al-Qaeda. The military dominates the government and the government dominates no one and nothing. Wither Pakistan, a nation that IS but IS NOT!